“Barbara's legal assistance has proven invaluable to us. There have been many times where we've had a tricky employment issue that we've been able to call Barbara and get an answer quickly and concisely. She offers the most cost effective legal service you'll find.”
Steve Tenhouse, CEO, Kirby Hospital

Barbara Weiner knows that legal issues will arise anytime and can create great concern. This is why she created the Legal Consultation Program. The Legal Consultation Program enables your hospital to designate key staff that can call or email Barbara for legal advice. They are able to resolve critical legal issues before they become a problem and without worrying about incurring large legal fees. For a low annual fee of $2000 (about $5.50 a day), you and your staff can have access to a knowledgeable health law attorney.

Commonly raised issues include:

  • Hiring, disciplining and firing of employees without incurring liability
  • What accommodations must I make under FMLA and ADA for employees?
  • Physician recruitment and complying with fraud and abuse and Stark
  • HIPAA, EMTALA and other federal laws
  • Governance issues and dealing with problem physicians

    Being a member of The Legal Consultation Program also provides the CEO access to a listserve with over 100 other CEOs. The listserve is a quick way to get advice from other executives on a wide range of issues from benefits you offer your employees to recommendations for insurers or suppliers. Additionally, Barbara provides periodic advisory letters to her clients on current legal topics, so you are able to keep up with quickly changing legal requirements. Barbara regularly gives webinars on Employment Law issues, recognizing that this area poses the greatest potential for unplanned costs to clients.

    With the Legal Consultation program your hospital can know that an experienced, knowledgeable attorney is just a telephone call or email away. This is great value to the Executive Staff including Human Resources, the Emergency Department, Medical Records, and top administrators who are seeking quick answers to their legal concerns.

    For more information regarding The Legal Consultation Program or references contact Barbara at 847-266-2040 or barbaraweiner@att.net.